AdvancedHeads is a plugin, enabling you to select custom Minecraft skulls from over 50,000 heads in our database. Players are able to use these heads to decorate their builds, inspire others or make unique contraptions.

  • Custom Heads [50,000+ Available]

    • This plugin provides over 50 thousand custom player heads to choose from.

    • Use these heads to decorate your buildings, allow players to create amazing contraptions, furniture, etc. Possibilities are endless.

  • Purchase heads

    • Allow players to purchase these heads from built-in shop system for prices set in configuration (global or per-category pricing is possible)

    • Plugin also has a feature to change head you are looking at to a different head (preview gif available under screenshots below)

  • Searching & Favorites

    • Players are able to search between all the thousands of heads quickly. Search for a keyword, name, id - anything you can think of.

    • Set heads as favorites and find them in the 'favorites' section of menu. This is permissions-based, and could be a good donators feature.

  • Extremely Configurable

    • Configure all menus, messages, settings

    • Commands are also fully configurable - change the actual command, aliases, permissions & more

  • Extensive Wiki and huge community

    • Visit our AdvancedHeads Wiki to learn more about this plugin.

    • Join our 5,000+ members Discord Server if you need assistance.

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